The Street Economist: 15 Economics Lessons Everyone Should Know by Axel Kaiser Paperback Book


Rent The Street Economist: 15 Economics Lessons Everyone Should Know

Author: Axel Kaiser

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Republic Book Publishers

Published: Jul 2023

Genre: Business & Economics - Economics

Retail Price: $17.95

Pages: 128


"If you read only one book on economics in your life, it should be Alex Kaiser's. Beautifully written and elegantly argued, it will change your mind, and maybe your life, certainly your politics. Kaiser takes you out of the lecture room and into the street, where the economy actually happens."—Deirdre McCloskey.In The Street Economist, Axel Kaiser offers basic lessons in economics that should be part of everyone's education. It is an effort to correct the mistake of " ivory tower economists" who conceive this science as an oracular discipline that can only be properly discussed by experts. Crucial concepts such as prices, capital, demand and supply, labor, inflation, value, and innovation, among others, are explained in simple and direct language in order to make them understandable to the general public. The Street Economist has been a best-selling book in almost all countries where it has been published.  In Chile, it sold more than 50.000 copies in a year, and it is still the most sold nonfiction book after a year of its publication. It is now being published in 5 different languages.

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