The Tempest Tales-in-Stories by Walter Mosley Paperback Book


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Author: Walter Mosley

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Washington Square Press

Published: Jun 2009

Genre: Fiction - Christian - Classic & Allegory

Retail Price: $14.00

Pages: 192


Tempest Landry, an everyman African American, is "accidentally" killed by a cop. Denied access to heaven because of what he considers a few minor transgressions, Tempest refuses to go to hell. Stymied, Saint Peter sends him back to Harlem, where a guiding angel tries to convince him to accept Saint Peter's judgment, and even the Devil himself tries to win over Tempest's soul. Through the street-smart Landry, Mosley poses the provocative question: Is sin for blacks the same as it is for whites? And who gets to decide?

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