The Truth About Forgiveness by John MacArthur Paperback Book


Rent The Truth About Forgiveness

Author: John MacArthur

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

Published: May 2012

Genre: Religion - Christian Life

Retail Price: $12.99

Pages: 176


A focused, powerful message about forgiveness and its necessity in living a joy-filled Christian life.

For decades, Dr. John MacArthur has encouraged countless Christians to develop a deeper understanding of the Bible and a greater respect for God's truth. In The Truth About series, he now gathers his landmark teachings about core aspects of the Christian faith in one place. These powerful books are designed to give readers a focused experience that centers on God's character and how it applies to their daily walk of faith.

In The Truth About Forgiveness, readers are taken through the Bible and encounter:

Studies of key Bible charactersTheological instructionPractical application points and ideasInspiration to readily give and humbly receive forgiveness

Forgiveness is a fundamental means by which we live out our faith daily. Having experienced God's forgiveness, Christians find joy in forgiving other people. This book inspires readers to develop a merciful spirit, and warns them what can happen if they are unwilling to forgive others.

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