The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide: The Inner Path to Finding Your Work in the World by Rick Jarow Paperback Book


Rent The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide: The Inner Path to Finding Your Work in the World

Author: Rick Jarow

Format: Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Sounds True

Published: Feb 2004

Genre: Business & Economics - Careers - Job Hunting

Retail Price: $69.95

Discs: 8


The perennial wisdom teachings tell us that your vocation is not a means of survival in the world-it is a pure expression of your life force. Vocation arises not as a response to external forces, but authentically from within your own body. The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide is the first audio curriculum that adapts this classic approach to right livelihood to the challenges unique to our place and time. Since 1988, this life-changing workshop by Dr. Rick Jarow has helped thousands of frustrated job-seekers open to their intuition, transform their values into action, and answer their true calling-instead of just settling for a paycheck. What is an "anti-career"? It is a manifestation of the unique blueprint for your destiny encoded in your body since birth. The key to this revolutionary approach is your body's chakra system, the seven centers that govern the free flow of prana, or life force, through your body. Through a program of powerful meditations, you gain direct access to your chakras, clearing and aligning them with the energetic forces that make everything in life possible. You don't have to go out looking for a job, Dr. Jarow teaches. The job you were born to do will unfold in time, like a tree from a seed, as you let go of self-limiting concepts and open to the energy of creation-with The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide.

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