The Untethered Soul at Work: Teachings to Transform Your Work Life by Michael A. Singer Paperback Book


Rent The Untethered Soul at Work: Teachings to Transform Your Work Life

Author: Michael A. Singer

Format: Unabridged CD

Publisher: Sounds True

Published: Mar 2019

Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit - Spiritualism

Retail Price: $19.95

Discs: 2


This Program Will Change the Way You Think About Work (And Everything Else . . . )

Imagine going to work each day feeling energized, excited, and ready for anything that comes your way. No more struggling with stress or burnout. No more personality clashes. Impossible? Not according to Michael A. Singer, who served as founding CEO of a billion-dollar corporation where this fantastic vision became a reality every day of the week.

Before he was the author of The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment, Singer was working at his own company exploring and refining the spiritual insights and tools he would share with millions through his bestselling books. With The Untethered Soul at Work, join him for a rare audio presentation on applying these insights in your own workplace. This two-part program brings you practical wisdom on ten common business challenges including finding fulfillment at work, the art of conscious communication, creativity and problem-solving, and much more.

"Everything that happens at work is a chance for us to offer our full selves―our love, our passion, our creativity―in service of the miraculous moment unfolding before us," explains Singer. The Untethered Soul at Work will transform the way you think about the concept of work, while opening you to greater joy, connection, and satisfaction in your own chosen field.

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