The Voter's Guide to Healthcare: A Non-partisan, Candid, and Relevant Look at Politics and Healthcare in America by Den Bishop Paperback Book


Rent The Voter's Guide to Healthcare: A Non-partisan, Candid, and Relevant Look at Politics and Healthcare in America

Author: Den Bishop

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

Published: Jan 2020

Genre: Political Science - Public Policy - Social Services & Welfare

Pages: 228



Healthcare impacts every one of us, our businesses, and the nation, and you better believe it's going to be a hot topic in the 2020 presidential election.

So, why has healthcare become so political? Can't we just get the government out of healthcare? Can't the government just give us all free healthcare? Everyone has an opinion on the government's role in healthcare, and I'm about to tackle them all!

Medicare for all? I have it covered. Price discrimination? You better believe it's in the book. The costs of pharmaceuticals across the borders? Also, in the book. If a topic is in the news or a candidate is talking about it, you can bet I have it covered.

Healthcare "news" is often angry, partisan, or protective of status quo. This book is none of these. My end goal with this book is to educate voters and positively influence the debate around our very real cost, complexity, and coverage issues.

So, do I believe a healthcare solution is within reach? Yes! But, we must first understand before we can intelligently debate.

Den Bishop is President of Holmes Murphy, one of the nation's largest employee-owned and controlled insurance brokers, where he leads the Employee Benefits practice. He's also the co-founder of ACAP HealthWorks, an innovation and consulting firm focused on measurably improving health.

Den is a recognized industry leader, a member of the Council of Employee Benefits Experts, and is a sought-after national speaker on the topic of healthcare cost, coverage, and complexity. He's also the author of "The Book on Healthcare Reform" and is well-known for this thought leadership and visionary forward-thinking on the economic implications of the Affordable Care Act.

With more than 30 years of advising employers on how to build effective employee benefits plans, Den is in a unique position to understand the financing behind healthcare. Holmes Murphy's primary business sits at the intersection of employers, insurance companies, healthcare providers, and the government giving Den a unique view on how these stakeholders come together. Den's vision is to better connect the public and private financing sources of the U.S. healthcare system to free up the healthcare heroes so they can focus on the important work of relieving pain, curing disease, and saving lives.

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