Think: Why You Should Question Everything by Guy P. Harrison Paperback Book


Rent Think: Why You Should Question Everything

Author: Guy P. Harrison

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Prometheus Books

Published: Nov 2013

Genre: Philosophy - Logic

Retail Price: $16.95

Pages: 170


This accessible and introductory guide to critical thinking will help you  think like a scientist, learn to question everything, and understand how your own brain can trip you up.
This fresh and exciting approach to science, skepticism, and critical thinking will enlighten and inspire readers of all ages. With a mix of wit and wisdom, it challenges everyone to think like a scientist, embrace the skeptical life, and improve their critical thinking skills.

Think shows you how to better navigate through the maze of biases and traps that are standard features of every human brain. These innate pitfalls threaten to trick us into seeing, hearing, thinking, remembering, and believing things that are not real or true. Guy Harrison's straightforward text will help you trim away the nonsense, deflect bad ideas, and keep both feet firmly planted in reality. 

With an upbeat and friendly tone, Harrison shows how it's in everyone's best interest to question everything. He brands skepticism as a constructive and optimistic attitude--a way of life that anyone can embrace. An antidote to nonsense and delusion, this accessible guide to critical thinking is the perfect book for anyone seeking a jolt of inspiration.

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