To My Friend Who Left the Faith: A Letter to a Prodigal from a Prodigal by Wade Bearden Paperback Book


Rent To My Friend Who Left the Faith: A Letter to a Prodigal from a Prodigal

Author: Wade Bearden

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: P. Rutherford Press

Published: May 2022

Genre: Religion - Christian Theology - Apologetics

Pages: 218


Wade Bearden and his friend met and grew up at church. After high school, they parted ways. Wade's friend left the faith. Wade stayed-only to wrestle with his own questions about Christianity. Does doubt have a place in church? How do I know that Christianity is true? If God is so good, why do some Christians act so terrible? How can a good God allow so much pain and suffering? An powerful and timely look at what it means to lose faith, and then find it again, Wade Bearden writes a letter to his friend about some of Christianity's biggest questions. To My Friend Who Left the Faith is an absorbing memoir that "takes readers on a hilarious and moving journey through doubt, suffering, and the power of faith" (Mark Batterson). This is his letter to a friend who left the faith. "Gentle and full of wisdom, To My Friend Who Left the Faith, can help chart a way forward in this moment of cultural and faith deconstruction." -Ashley Hales, author of A Spacious Lifeand Finding Holy in the Suburbs "Written as a series of letters to a friend, Bearden takes readers on his own spiritual journey and explains how faith has sustained him even when faith seemed impossible to maintain. Read this book to have your faith strengthened-not by rigid certainty but by the wonder of faith that remains thanks to the God who goes with us every step of the way." -Erin Straza, author of Comfort Detox and partnerships manager for Christ and Pop Culture "Maybe you're a Christian. Maybe you're not. Either way, this book is for you." -Mark Batterson, New York TimesBestselling Author

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