Too Many Cooks: A Nero Wolfe Mystery by Rex Stout Paperback Book


Rent Too Many Cooks: A Nero Wolfe Mystery

Author: Rex Stout

Narrator: Michael Pritchard

Format: Unabridged-CD, Paperback

Publisher: Audiogo

Published: Jun 2011

Genre: Fiction - Mystery & Detective - Series

Retail Price: $24.95


Not much will stir Nero Wolfe from his comfortable brownstone, but when the gourmand is invited by the greatest chefs in the world to a gathering of Les Quinze Maitres, he will brave anything to dine at their table. Yet Wolfe finds himself embroiled in something sinister when a chef is fatally stabbed during a taste-testing contest. The plot thickens as the detective goes after a taste of vengeance—and a ticket out of town.

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