Topical Bible for Kids: English Standard Version (ESV) by Michelle Elaine Brock Paperback Book


Rent Topical Bible for Kids: English Standard Version (ESV)

Author: Michelle Elaine Brock

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Michelle Brock

Published: Nov 2015

Genre: Religion - Christian Education - Children & Youth

Pages: 156


The Topical Bible for Kids contains Scriptures chosen and organized to delight and inspire elementary aged children. Parents and teachers can use this book to nurture active, happy readers of the Bible and to encourage them to turn to God's Word when facing a specific challenge, question, or experience.

Includes over 80 topics that children are interested in, explanations to help guide understanding of selected Scriptures, and examples from the Bible to illustrate the topic. Children will find familiar search terms and cross references to help them understand synonyms they may not know and biblical opposites (e.g., stealing and giving; pride and humility). All verses are listed in their entirety, rather than as a reference or excerpt.

Use the Topical Bible for Kids as a child's reference book or a guide for family devotions.

This edition uses the English Standard Version of the Bible (also available in KJV and NASB).

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