Victory: Stories From the Winners' Circle by Jenae Noonan Paperback Book


Rent Victory: Stories From the Winners' Circle

Author: Jenae Noonan

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Victory Publishing Company Inc

Published: Sep 2015

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Reference

Pages: 266


Victory: An empowering collaboration with women who share their intimate and life altering stories. The remarkable contributing authors: Andrea Leal, Amy Pond Cirelli, Deborah Moore, Christine Sanchez, Saundra Ganem, Ashley Casello, Tiffany Avans, Kimberly Timpe, Amy M, Emma Borders created this compilation of poignant and inspirational illustrations of personal growth, faith and sheer bravery to overcome serious obstacles and living fulfilled lives. By learning from their stories, the reader may, one day, join them in the "winners' circle."

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