Viking Funeral, The (Shane Scully Novels) by Stephen J. Cannell Paperback Book


Rent Viking Funeral, The (Shane Scully Novels)

Author: Stephen J. Cannell

Narrator: Dick Hill

Format: Unabridged-MP3, Paperback, Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Published: Nov 2005

Genre: Fiction - Suspense

Retail Price: $24.95

Discs: 1


When LAPD Sergeant Shane Scully encounters his oldest friend and colleague Jody Dean, he is stunned, especially since it has been two years since Jody committed suicide, and Shane soon discovers that six other cops thought to be dead are also alive and have formed a deadly and destructive group of rogue cops called the Vikings, who are determined to wreak havoc on the LAPD. Book available.

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BookLender review by Laurie on 2009-11-15 19:47:36

My first encounter with Shane Scully and SJC. Absolutely riveting story. I like Shane's humanness, his loyalty to his friends, even in the face of great disillusionment. I like that he listens to his head and his heart, and that sometimes he questions his own goodness. I even found myself wondering if there might be some road-to-damascus moment for Jody. All that makes for a great thriller and a satisfying tale of redemption. Unfortunately the backstory, which the author notes is based on pretty well-do***ented fact, makes me wonder if the human race -- at least the corporate one -- is actually worth saving. Excellent narration by Dick Hill, who recorded Jack Reacher in Gone Tomorrow, and it's a great voice for Shane. The way Hill enuciates The Day-glo Da-go paints its own image. Dick Hill makes every character memorable.