Wakers: The Side-Step Trilogy (The Side-Step Trilogy) by Orson Scott Card Paperback Book


Rent Wakers: The Side-Step Trilogy (The Side-Step Trilogy)

Author: Orson Scott Card

Narrator: Claire Bloom

Format: Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Blackstone Publishing

Published: Feb 2022

Genre: Young Adult Fiction - Science Fiction

Retail Price: $41.95

Ages: 12 - 17


From the New York Timesbestselling author of Enders Gamecomes a brand-new series following a teen who wakes up on an abandoned Earth to discover that he’s a clone! Laz is a side-stepper: a teen with the incredible power to jump his consciousness to alternate versions of himself in parallel worlds. All his life, there was no mistake that a little side-stepping couldn’t fix. Until Laz wakes up one day in a cloning facility on a seemingly abandoned Earth. Laz finds himself surrounded by hundreds of other clones, all dead, and quickly realizes that he too must be a clone of his original self. Laz has no idea what happened to the world he remembers as vibrant and bustling only yesterday, and he struggles to survive in the barren wasteland he’s now trapped in. But the question that haunts him isn’t why was he created, but instead, who woke him up … and why? There’s only a single bright spot in Laz’s new life: one other clone appears to still be alive, although she remains asleep. Deep down, Laz believes that this girl holds the key to the mysteries plaguing him, but if he wakes her up, she’ll be trapped in this hellscape with him. This is one problem that Laz can’t just side-step his way out of.

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