Walking with the Comrades by Arundhati Roy Paperback Book


Rent Walking with the Comrades

Author: Arundhati Roy

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Penguin Books

Published: Oct 2011

Genre: Political Science - Political Freedom & Security - Human Rights

Retail Price: $17.00

Pages: 240


From the award-winning author of The God of Small Things comes a searing frontline expose of brutal repression in India

In her latest book, internationally renowned author Arundhati Roy draws on her unprecedented access to a little-known rebel movement in India to pen a work full of earth-shattering revelations. Deep in the forests, under the pretense of battling Maoist guerillas, the Indian government is waging a vicious total war against its own citizens-a war undocumented by a weak domestic press and fostered by corporations eager to exploit the rare minerals buried in tribal lands. Roy takes readers to the unseen front lines of this ongoing battle, chronicling her months spent living with the rebel guerillas in the forests. In documenting their local struggles, Roy addresses the much larger question of whether global capitalism will tolerate any societies existing outside of its colossal control.

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