Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin Paperback Book


Rent Winter's Tale

Author: Mark Helprin

Format: Paperback

Publisher: BBC Audiobooks

Published: Dec 1969

Genre: Fiction - Romance - General

Retail Price: $49.95


A bestseller that takes readers on a journey to New York of the Belle Epoque, where Peter Lake attempts to rob a Manhattan mansion only to find the daughter of the house at home. Thus begins the love between the middle-aged Irishman and Beverly Penn, a young girl who is dying. “This a gifted writer’s love affair with the language” (Newsday).

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BookLender review by Kristin on 2013-06-25 17:30:33

This book just meandered for 22 cds. no real direction. characters were interesting and i wanted to like it enough to hang with it for 17 cds. then i started fast forwarding, sure that SOMETHING would pull the story didnt.bizarre book. hated it.

BookLender review by Linda on 2010-12-02 11:48:15

I listened to Winter's Tale on CD and just finished the last CD this morning. There were 22 CD's in this unabridged version and easily by the second or third CD I knew I never wanted this book to end. The narrator, Oliver Wyman, performed the task of bringing this epic tale to life so brilliantly that at times I felt as though he were one of the characters himself. I am a lover of language and words and Mr. Helprin has touched every part of my intellect. I will never be the same after reading listening to it. Winter's Tale ought to be mandatory reading in our schools for older students, perhaps even a two-semester book so that every word and shift could be analyzed and appreciated for the sheer brilliance of it. Reading it could be a transformational event for a lot of young people, perhaps before they lose their sense of what might be and what is possible. Commitment has power and Winter's Tale is a work of extreme commitment and the resulting power cannot be measured. Thank you Mark Helprin for this priceless contribution to literature.