Workbook For The Body Keeps The Score by Timeline Publishers Paperback Book


Rent Workbook For The Body Keeps The Score

Author: Timeline Publishers

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Roger Press

Published: Sep 2020

Genre: Self-help - Twelve-step Programs

Pages: 110


A Workbook For The Body Keeps The Score By Bessel van der Kolk - SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE (WHILE STOCKS LAST!!!! ) Note: This Workbook is meant to be a Companion to the Original Book by Bessel van der Kolk. Designed to Enrich Your Reading Experience. Do you Suffer From Trauma? Do you know that you can Over come Your Traumatic Stress Easily? Then this Workbook is for you... How to Use This Workbook/Journal To Achieve Your Goals Complete beginners can begin using this Workbook for For The Body Keeps The Score By Bessel van der Kolk. The goal of this Workbook/Journal is to help even the newest readers to Start applying major lessons from The Book. Results have shown that Practicing the Things you're Grateful for each day will help you achieve your goals. By using this Workbook, readers will find Awesome and Life-changing quotes by Popular People that we believed Played a Major role in defining the crucial messages of the author in the book. There are Spaces for Personal Reflections, How You feel about a chapter (s), also Space to Jot Down Lessons Learnt, Goals and Things you are grateful For. There are also ample spaces to Doodle and Take Notes. Take out a pencil, pen, or whatever digital technology you would put to use to jot down, implement, and make happen. And don't forget to have fun - While at it. This Workbook will help us understand how life experiences play out in the function and the malfunction of our bodies, years later. Scroll Up Now and Click The Buy Button To Get Started

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