World Trigger, Vol. 9 by Daisuke Ashihara Paperback Book


Rent World Trigger, Vol. 9

Author: Daisuke Ashihara

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Viz Media

Published: Mar 2016

Genre: Fiction - Comics & Graphic Novels - Manga - Science Fiction

Retail Price: $9.99

Pages: 192


Destroy thy Neighbor! A gate to another dimension has burst open, and invincible monsters called Neighbors invade Earth. Osamu Mikumo may not be the best among the elite warriors who co-opt other-dimensional technology to fight back, but along with his Neighbor friend Yuma, he'll do whatever it takes to defend life on Earth as we know it.

Osamu has less than sixteen minutes to safely deliver Chika, who's been cubified, to HQ. Will Osamu make it in time or will the crossroads Jin has foreseen lead to the worst possible outcome for everyone?

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