Wyoming Heart: The Wyoming Men Series, book 9 by Diana Palmer Paperback Book


Rent Wyoming Heart: The Wyoming Men Series, book 9

Author: Diana Palmer

Format: Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Harlequin Books

Published: Oct 2019

Genre: Fiction - Romance - Western

Retail Price: $39.99


True love is in store for one gruff cowboy in New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer s new Wyoming Men romance

Cort Grier is no ordinary rancher. Despite his vast wealth, he still works the land with his own bare hands, unlike his troublesome new neighbor, Ophelia Dresden. Fiery, beautiful Ophelia infuriates and entrances Cort, awakening feelings he d thought long buried. But he knows falling for a city girl can lead only to heartbreak...

Bestselling author Ophelia hardly expects to meet a man like the ones in her novels. But roguishly handsome Cort is an alpha hero through and through, from his stubborn streak to the fierce way this rugged cowboy protects his heart. When one sizzling kiss leads to another, can Ophelia convince Cort to open his world to her now and forever?

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