You Must Remember This by Joyce Carol Oates Paperback Book


Rent You Must Remember This

Author: Joyce Carol Oates

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Plume Books

Published: Nov 1998

Genre: Fiction - General

Retail Price: $17.00

Pages: 448


Joyce Carol Oates's epic novel of an American family in the 1950's probes the tender division between the permissible and the forbidden, between ordinary life and the secret places of the heart. Set in an industrial, working-class town in upstate New York, this book chronicles the frustrating marriage of parents Lyle and Hannah; the idealistic political journey of son Warren, and the passionate, obsessive relationship that develops between 15-year-old Enid Maria and her uncle Felix, a professional boxer twice her age. While brilliantly re-creating a decade that worshipped conformity, You Must Remember This presents the lives of family members that break every convention in the search for meaning and fulfillment.

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