Your Rank Advancement Blueprint: How to rank advance, avoid burnout and never run out of contacts by Rob Sperry Paperback Book


Rent Your Rank Advancement Blueprint: How to rank advance, avoid burnout and never run out of contacts

Author: Rob Sperry

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Rob Sperry

Published: Jan 2022

Genre: Business & Economics - Marketing - Multilevel

Pages: 270


Everything rises and falls on leadership but there isn't one book in all of network marketing that gives you an in-depth look at every stage and phase to grow your business. In this book, I will teach you.The leadership blueprint to generate more profits.Keystone habits that will shift your success percentage.The process to maximize your time and build a thriving business.The formula for investing money in your business to get the best return. You will learn the 3 phases and 4 stages which will give you the blueprint to accelerate your business. The learner phase covers those making $0 - $10,000 annually. The lifestyle phase covers those making $10,000 to $100,000 annually. The legacy phase covers those making $100,000 and beyond. Inside of these 3 phases, you will discover strategies in the 4 stages.The applier stageThe operator stageThe promoter stageThe creator stage Other strategies that will be discussed in this book will become your BLUEPRINT to build your business. You will want to read and study this blueprint over and over again.How to invest in your network marketing business without breaking the bankTop tips for avoiding burnout while still rank advancing in your companyHow to build a team that you LOVE to leadStrategies for creating Keystone Habits that stickBecoming a legacy leader that people want to work withHow to brand yourself to create interest and never run out of contacts Rob Sperry is one of the top coaches and leaders in the network marketing industry. With decades of experience and success in his network marketing business, Rob is now known for hosting the most prestigious masterminds in all of the network marketing profession. Rob spends his time coaching top leaders in the industry, consulting with the corporate side of network marketing companies, and training on network marketing around the world. In his first year in the industry, Rob reached the highest levels in a multi-million dollar company. He then went on to be co-creator of the company Mynt. Mynt was a spinoff from a $3 billion-dollar company, and in the first month, it launched with a million-dollar of sales. Rob has been featured all over the world in magazine articles, books, podcasts, and has spoken on all of the major stages in network marketing. Rob has spoken in eighteen countries. He is a 7x author and his podcast has been listened to in over 126 countries. Rob has a passion for processes, making it simple, and finding wins that create momentum for everyone in the network marketing business. Rob's life's work is coaching and showing people the way to create the lifestyle that they have always wanted through network marketing.

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