Deep Black: Payback (NSA) by Stephen Coonts CD Audiobook Abridged
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A crack team of covert agents.
Word is out to ex-Marine sniper Charlie Dean and his team of the National Security Agency: Infiltrate the highest stratum of Peruvian political power and derail a renegade general from acing an election. All Dean has to do is find a way inside an impenetrable bank vault protected by armed guards round the clock – it's all in a day's work for the men and women of Deep Black.

A violent political coup.
But things get complicated when Dean and company discover the renegade general's second plot. The military madman's ruse – a nuclear weapon he claims is in the hands of Marxist guerillas, a bomb that only he can rescue...and control.

A devastating terrorist plot.
When the general and his plot are exposed, the NSA concludes the greatest threat is over. But in fact, it's only just beginning...
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Retail Price: $9.99
Published: Apr 2010
Publisher: Brilliance Corporation
Narrator: J. Charles
Discs: 4
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