Recommended Science Fiction MP3-CD Audiobooks

Metal Swarm (Saga of Seven Suns)

Kevin J. Anderson

For years, the alien Klikiss robots have pretended to be humanity's friends, but their seeming "help" allowed them to plant an insidious Trojan Horse throughout the Earth Defense Forces. Now, in the aftermath of a devastatin...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Dec 2007

Ashes of Worlds, The (Saga of Seven S...

Kevin J. Anderson

The culminating volume in Kevin J. Anderson's Saga of Seven Suns weaves together the myriad storylines into a spectacular grand finale. Galactic empires clash, elemental beings devastate whole planetary systems, and the factions of...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Jul 2008

Sheepfarmer's Daughter (The Deed of P...

Elizabeth Moon

Paksenarrion, a simple sheepfarmer's daughter, yearns for a life of adventure and glory, such as was known to heroes in songs and story. At age seventeen she runs away from home to join a mercenary company and begins her epic life . ....

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Mar 2010

Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos)

Dan Simmons

On the world called Hyperion, beyond the law of the Hegemony of Man, there waits the creature called the Shrike. There are those who worship it. There are those who fear it. And there are those who have vowed to destroy it. In the Val...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Apr 2009

Imperative (Starfire)

Charles E. Gannon

The war with the Arduans - profoundly alien invaders who originally arrived in STL ships - is over. Most of those attackers are now probationary (and very productive) citizens of the Rim Federation. However, many among the Arduans' wa...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Sep 2016

Light of Other Days, The

Arthur C. Clarke

The crowning achievement of any professional writer is to get paid twice for the same material: write a piece for one publisher and then tweak it just enough that you can turn around and sell it to someone else. While it's specious to...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: May 2007

Destroyer of Worlds

Larry Niven

This book is a prequel to the Ringworld series (200 Years before the Discovery of Ringworld) The newly liberated humans of the Fleet of Worlds now face a new threat besides the sly Puppeteers: the Pak, a very smart and utterly ruthles...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Nov 2009


Harry Harrison

Deathworld is the first in a series of novels Harry Harrison began in 1960. In it, professional gambler Jason dinAlt who has "psionic" abilities is hired to win a great deal of money for a mysterious and very imposing strang...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Jan 2013

March in Country (Vampire Earth)

E. E. Knight

The race is on to claim the area between the Ohio River and Tennessee. What's left of the resistance is hiding out in the tangle of the central Kentucky hills -- leaving the powerful, well-organized Kurian vampres the opportunity to f...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Dec 2010

The Human Division

John Scalzi

EARTH IS BETRAYED. It's a violent, competitive universe. And our home planet would have been an easy conquest, if not for the efforts of the Colonial Union — the human spacefaring military organization that has defended our world fo...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Dec 2014

Gears of War: The Slab (Gears of War ...

Karen Traviss

Ten years after Emergence Day, as the Locust Horde advances on humanity's last defended area — Ephyra — in a bloody war that has seen billions die, Marcus Fenix does the unthinkable: he defies orders and abandons his post during a...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Jun 2012

The Spirit Eater (Legend of the Eli M...

Rachel Aaron

With the pressure on after his success in Gaol, Eli Monpress, professional thief and degenerate, decides it's time to lie low for a bit. Taking up residence in a tiny seaside village, Eli and his companions seize the chance for some f...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Dec 2010

WWW: Watch (WWW Trilogy)

Robert J. Sawyer

Sixteen-year-old Caitlin Decter was born blind. But, thanks to an implant in her head, she can now see the real world—and also see webspace, the structure of the World Wide Web. There, she's found a nascent consciousness, which she'...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: May 2010

The Poison Belt

Arthur Conan Doyle

Professor Challenger summons friends to come to his house, each one to bring a cylinder of pure oxygen. Challenger is convinced that the earth is entering a poison belt of ether and that life is doomed. In a sealed room, to the slow ...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Apr 1999

The Kingless Land

Ed Greenwood

Aglirta is known as the Kingless Land, a once prosperous and peaceful river valley under the protection of a noble sovereign, now fallen into lawlessness and tyranny. The only hope for peace lies in the restoration of the Sleeping Kin...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Nov 2001

Stranger in a Strange Land

Robert A. Heinlein

This is the epic saga of an earthling, Valentine Michael Smith, born and educated on Mars, who arrives on our planet with many psi powers, including the ability to take control of the minds of others'and complete innocence regarding t...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Jul 2006

Field of Dishonor (Honor Harrington)

David Weber

The People's Republic of Haven's sneak attack on the Kingdom of Manticore has failed. The Peeps are in disarray, their leaders fighting for power in bloody revolution, and the Royal Manticoran Navy stands victorious.But Manticore has ...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Jan 2010

Valentine's Rising (Vampire Earth)

E. E. Knight

Possessed of an unnatural and legendary hunger, the Reapers have come to Earth to establish a New Order built on the harvesting of enslaved human souls. They rule the planet. They thrive on the scent of fear. And if it is night, as su...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Jul 2010

Hull Zero Three

Greg Bear

A small band of humans on a long journey wake up to find themselves lightyears from known space - on a ship that has gone mad. The ship is an unmanned terraformer - designed to bring life to dead planets, but not to transport the livi...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Nov 2010

To the Vanishing Point

Alan Dean Foster

It was just a boring drive through the Nevada desert...until the Sonderberg family picked up a beautiful young hitchhiker named Mouse and found themselves on a wild, careening ride down the exit ramp to Hell. It seems the entire un...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Dec 2016

Moving Mars

Greg Bear

Greg Bear is "a writer who is rapidly redefining the shape of the modern hard science fiction novel" (Keith Ferrell, Omni Magazine), and in Moving Mars he explores one very plausible scenario for the future of Earth's neighb...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Feb 2008

Severed Souls (Sword of Truth Series)...

Terry Goodkind

Enter the unique world of Terry Goodkind. A world of high adventure, brilliant storytelling, and people you will never forget.A sweeping new novel of Richard Rahl, Kahlan Amnell, and their world.

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Aug 2014

The Cat Who Walks through Walls: A Co...

Robert A. Heinlein

When a stranger attempting to deliver a cryptic message is shot dead at his table, Dr. Richard Ames is thrown headfirst into danger, intrigue, and other dimensions, where a plot to rescue a sentient computer could alter human history.

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Dec 2007

Dragonheart: Anne Mccaffrey's Dragonr...

Todd J. McCaffrey

When young Fiona impresses a queen dragon, she doesn't realize the perils and privileges that come with her new role. The challenges of becoming a Weyrwoman – co-leader of an entire dragon Weyr – can be overwhelming, and then, on ...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Oct 2008

Shadowmarch: Shadowmarch: Volume I

Tad Williams

For generations the misty Shadowline has marked the boundary between the lands of men and the lost northern lands that are the lair of their inhuman enemies, the ageless Qar. But now that boundary line is moving outward, threatening t...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Nov 2010

The Servants of the Storm (The Pillar...

Jack Campbell

A Storm that will wreck a world threatens Dematr. Only Mari, one of the Mechanics who control all technology through their Guild, has a chance to stop it. She and Mage Alain have survived numerous attempts to kill them and have gained...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Jan 2017

Redemption Alley

Lilith Saintcrow

When her police contact asks her to look into a “suicide,” Jill Kismet suddenly finds herself in a labyrinth of deception, drugs, murder — and all-too-human corruption. The cops are her allies, except for the ones who want her d...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Mar 2013

Power Play

Ben Bova

[This is the MP3CD audiobook format.] Award-winning author Ben Bova turns out another science fiction hit full of intrigue, scandal, and excitement. Ross is an assistant professor of astronomy at a western university. His wife r...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Jan 2012

Seveneves: A Novel

Neal Stephenson

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Anatham, Reamde, and Cryptonomicon comes an exciting and thought-provoking science fiction epic―a grand story of annihilation and survival spanning five thousand years.What would happ...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: May 2016

Damia's Children (Rowan/Damia)

Anne McCaffrey

In Damia's Children, one of science fiction and fantasy's most beloved novelists, Anne McCaffrey, continues the story of psychic Talent begun with The Rowan and Damia. The Rowan's next generation of passionate and talented descendants...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Jun 2005


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