A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini Paperback Book


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Author: Khaled Hosseini

Format: Quality Paperback, Abridged-CD, Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Riverhead Books

Published: Nov 2008

Genre: Fiction - Literary

Retail Price: $16.00


A Thousand Splendid Suns is a breathtaking story set against the volatile events of Afghanistan's last thirty years -- from the Soviet invasion to the reign of the Taliban to post-Taliban rebuilding -- that puts the violence, fear, hope and faith of this country in intimate, human terms. It is a tale of two generations of characters brought jarringly together by the tragic sweep of war, where personal lives -- the struggle to survive, raise a family, find happiness -- are inextricable from the history playing out around them.

Propelled by the same storytelling instinct that made The Kite Runner a beloved classic, A Thousand Splendid Suns is at once a remarkable chronicle of three decades of Afghan history and a deeply moving account of family and friendship. It is a striking, heart-wrenching novel of an unforgiving time, an unlikely friendship, and an indestructible love -- a stunning accomplishment.

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BookLender review by Debby on 2007-06-25 22:40:14

The Kite Runner is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed. The author narrated that book, which made hearing the story even more enjoyable. This book is narrated by a woman, but it's because a story about two women. At first, I wasn't sure I was going to get into it, as I did with the Kite Runner. But, it didn't take long to become immersed into the two women's lives. I began to wonder how these two women were going to mesh together, and I was not disappointed. It's a very sad story, but it's a story that needs to be told. This book made me truly appreciate how blessed I am, as an American woman. I was reminded of the hardships that the Taliban caused-- not to mention the atrocities that the people of Afghanistan have endured far too long. When the story ended, I felt that Khaled Hosseini had tied up all the loose ends of the story. I was left a little sad, but also with an admiration for his character, Laila. What noble women these two were! I highly recommend this book.

BookLender review by Ann on 2008-06-07 19:16:18

I can't say enough good things about this lovely and moving story.

BookLender review by Ellen on 2008-05-05 19:09:37

What a stunning book, beautiful and sad. I have never had such an appreciation for Afghanis and for the trials and hardships they have endured over the last 3 decades. The narrator does a good job, as well. This is a must-read, and I promise you at a certain point you will not be able to put it down.

BookLender review by Jane on 2008-01-26 12:38:56

Hosseini's second novel was just as perfect as his first, The Kite Runner. It's beautufully written with an engaging plot and well developed characters. A Thousand Splendid Suns is a must read.

BookLender review by Janice on 2007-08-02 21:33:03

You will instantly want to know more about these characters and will want to listen as fast as you can to this tale of the life of 2 women in Afganistan. The story will stay with you. Beautifully written and wonderfully read. This is a must read!