By the Light of the Moon by Dean Koontz Paperback Book


Rent By the Light of the Moon

Author: Dean Koontz

Format: Mass Market Paperback, Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Bantam Books

Published: Nov 2003

Genre: Fiction - General

Retail Price: $7.99

Pages: 496


Dylan O'Conner is launched onto a nightmarish odyssey when he is seemingly randomly attacked and injected with a mysterious substance. What follows, as he and his autistic brother try and figure out what has happened, will take them into the path of another victim of the

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BookLender review by Janice on 2011-11-04 19:51:10

but a mediocre Koontz novel is still better than many of the other suspense writers out there. I picked this up because my son is autistic and I was intrigued by the idea of an autistic character. Well, maybe it was Stephen Langs portrayal, but I found him to be very poorly characterized and not believable. It almost ruined the book for me. OK story I wish that there had been more to it, and Koontz wrote himself into a corner which he then magically got out of. Hmmm, now that I am writing this down, I think that I am going to go up and take away another star.