Death Was Inevitable by Niles Rader Paperback Book


Rent Death Was Inevitable

Author: Niles Rader

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Joshua Tree Publishing

Published: Apr 2008

Genre: Fiction - Mystery & Detective - Series

Retail Price: $14.95

Pages: 176


Death does come to all you see, Some die slow not fast like thee. You already know why you must pay, For one life you took is still alive today.' Long-time friends Frank Pitts and Harold Grimms, through a quirk of fate, accidentally shot a young girl. This act ruined a lot of lives, but they wouldn't hear about it until they were grown and about to have families of their own. Their nightmares started with a poem they had to solve before the truth of the matter came out. This was when the Rice brothers became involved. Frank Pitts retained Otis as the poems sounded like a sick person had written them. At times his group of friends usually played pranks on each other especially at Halloween; but he didn't think they had anything to do with this. Author Niles Rader is the author of ten books and a retired widower in the exciting city of Las Vegas. He enjoys writing books and playing golf, his favorite pastime.

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