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Murder Off the Books

Evelyn David

A retired Irish Cop and a fast-food loving Irish Wolfhound search for the campus murderer while dealing with a scooter-riding senior with dreams of trenchcoat adventures, a crazed exterminator looking for his ride, and a makeup artist...

Published: Mar 2007

Sixkill (Spenser Mystery)

Robert B. Parker

On location in Boston, bad-boy actor Jumbo Nelson is accused of the rape and murder of a young woman. From the start the case seems fishy, so the Boston PD calls on Spenser to investigate. The situation doesn't look good for Jumbo, wh...

Published: Apr 2012

Nothing Else Matters

S. D. Tooley

A staunch opponent of gambling is found murdered on a riverboat casino. The second in the Sam Casey Series and winner of ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award for Best Mystery.

Published: Jun 2006

Murder on the Eightfold Path (A Mantr...

Diana Killian

The only yoga mystery series on the market. While in her mother's garden, A.J. stumbles-literally-on the body of her mother's current beau. Now A.J. is going to have to find her balance and solve the murder without getting tied up i...

Published: Apr 2010

The Marathon Murders (A Greg McKenzie...

Chester D. Campbell

Greg and Jill McKenzie, senior Nashville PI's, take on what appears to be a 90-year-old murder case, dragging them into a present-day conspiracy filled with chicanery in circles of power and chaos created by a frenzied killer. It star...

Published: Jan 2008

On the Other Hand, Death

Richard Stevenson

Re-release Dot and Edith's happiness in their home stands in the way of their neighbors' decisions to sell to the Millpond Corporation so it can build another blight on the landscape. A campaign of intimidation, at first merely irr...

Published: Jul 2008

Dead to Rights

J. A. Jance

A woman is cruelly cut down in a remote corner of Arizona, killed on her nineteenth wedding anniversary by a drunk motorist. A year later, the driver himself dies badly, and all suspicions point to the slain woman's still grieving hus...

Published: Jul 2009

The Christmas Cookie Killer: A Fresh-...

Livia J. Washburn

Phyllis Newsom stands a good chance in the Christmas cookie contest with her snowflake-shaped lime sugar cookies. But Mrs. SimmonsÂ' gingerdoodles might give her a run for her money—until sheÂ's found strangled in a pile of cook...

Published: Sep 2008

Mission to Sonora

Rebecca Cramer

When Linda Bluenight's teenage son, Matty, stumbles across a corpse while hiking in Ventana Canyon, her past experience in forensic anthropology catches up with her. The short-handed Tucson PD asks for her help with the autopsy, and h...

Published: Jan 2009

Where Serpents Sleep: A Sebastian St....

C. S. Harris

Hero Jarvis, reform-minded daughter of the Prince RegentÂ's cousin, enlists Sebastian St. CyrÂ's help in investigating the brutal murders of eight prostitutes. Following a trail of clues from LondonÂ's seedy East End to the Mayfai...

Published: Nov 2009

The Lighthouse Keeper: A Beckoning De...

Luisa Buehler

With a troubled marriage, and the haunting memories of ghosts, bones, and dead bodies, Grace Marsden needs solace. The invitation from her childhood friend presents Grace with an opportunity for respite on Christian Island. Georg...

Published: Nov 2007

The Dog Who Knew Too Much: A Chet and...

Spencer Quinn

The fourth entry in the irresistible New York Times bestselling mystery series featuring canine narrator Chet and his human companion Bernie—"the coolest human/pooch duo this side of Wallace and Gromit" (Kirkus Reviews).Co...

Published: Jul 2012

The Outfit: A Parker Novel

Richard Stark

The Outfit was organized crime with a capital O. They were big. They were bad. They were brutal. And no crook ever crossed them and lived to enjoy it. Except Parker. So they wanted Parked dead, and a hitman proved they meant business....

Published: Sep 2008

Vanilla Ride (Vintage Crime/Black Liz...

Joe R. Lansdale

"There's no bullshit in a Joe Lansdale book. There's everything a good story needs, and nothing it doesn't. Joe pulls up the truck, says, 'Get in the back, we're going for a ride.'You know it might get a little scary and it might...

Published: Jul 2010

Death Was Inevitable

Niles Rader

Death does come to all you see, Some die slow not fast like thee. You already know why you must pay, For one life you took is still alive today.' Long-time friends Frank Pitts and Harold Grimms, through a quirk of fate, accident...

Published: Apr 2008

Betrayal of Trust: A J. P. Beaumont N...

J. A. Jance

"Murder, teenage bullying, sleazy adults, and good police work add up to another fine entry by Jance."—The OklahomanBetrayal of Trust is the twentieth mystery by New York Times bestseller J.A. Jance to feature Seattle p.i....

Published: Apr 2012

The Two-Bear Mambo

Joe R. Lansdale

In this rollicking, rollercoaster ride of a novel, Hap Collins and Leonard Pine take a break from their day jobs to search for Florida Grange, Leonard's drop-dead gorgeous lawyer and Hap's former lover, who has vanished in the Klan-in...

Published: May 2009

The Ghostway (Jim Chee)

Tony Hillerman

Old Joseph Joe sees it all, Two strangers spill blood at the Shiprock Wash-O-Mat. One dies. The other drives off into the dry lands of the Big Reservation, but not before he shows the old Navajo a photo of the man he seeks. This is en...

Published: Jun 2010

Partners in Crime: A Tommy and Tuppen...

Agatha Christie

Tommy and Tuppence Beresford are restless for adventure, so when they are asked to take over Blunt's International Detective Agency, they leap at the chance. Their first case is a success—the triumphant recovery of a pink pearl. O...

Published: Apr 2012

A Noble Radiance: A Commissario Guido...

Donna Leon

A macabre grave is found at the foot of the Italian Dolomites. The body is found to be Roberto Lorenzoni's, only son and heir of one Venice's oldest, most aristocratic families. Commissario Guido Brunetti must move in the highest circ...

Published: Mar 2012

Chinese Parrot: Charlie Chan Mystery

Earl D. Biggers

1926. The character of Charlie Chan was based in part on the experiences of two Chinese detectives, Chang Apana and Lee Fook, who Biggers had read about in a Honolulu newspaper while on vacation. Biggers wrote six Charlie Chan mysteri...

Published: Jan 2009

Rage: An Alex Delaware Novel

Jonathan Kellerman

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER  Troy Turner and Rand Duchay were barely teenagers when they murdered a younger child. While Troy died violently behind bars, the hulking, slow-witted Rand managed to survive his stretch. Now, at age twenty-...

Published: Apr 2006

Last Rites: The 10th Charles Resnick ...

John Harvey

'The great strength of the Resnick series has always been Harvey's grasp of the mess and muddle of human life and his ability to find poetry in the midst of that mess. . . . The perfect end for a nearly perfect series.'-BooklistGuns a...

Published: Oct 2008

Where There's a Will (Mystery and the...

Beth Pattillo

About the Mystery and the Minister's Wife series: Escape to the charming town of Copper Mill, Tennessee. Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Copper Mill is a place of tradition and tranquility. But when Kate Hanlon ...

Published: Sep 2009

Death Trick

Richard Stevenson

Gay activist and accused murderer Billy Blount's missing, but Albany PI Donald Strachey doubts Billy's guilt. The 1981 book that launched Richard Stevenson's pioneering series is a cracking mystery and a fascinating trip into bygone g...

Published: Jan 2009

What Others Know

L. C. Hayden

Six years after Dan Springer's wife is murdered and his daughter disappears, he receives a call that leads him through the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and into the heart of rival mobs. In his quest to learn what others know, he fin...

Published: Feb 2004

Red Mass: An Ellis Portal Mystery (El...

Rosemary Aubert

The fifth and concluding episode in the prize-winning Ellis Portal mystery series.

Published: Jul 2005

Beguiling Bundle: Death Takes Best of...

Jean C. Keating

Murder interrupts at a dog show and Genna and Sky must find the killer before the killer finds them. A fellow competitor is killed while exhibiting at a dog show and the killer targets Genna and Sky as his next victims.

Published: Jul 2007

Pathologist on Call

Harry Chinchinian

Mystery / Pathology / Forensic Medicine. P"Help me! Please, someone help me!" PNo one, but the killer, was there for Sarah. PBuck crouched and rolled out of the way as his horse made a screaming sound of terror, tum...

Published: May 2002

The End of the Road: A Maxie and Stre...

Sue Henry

Drifter John Walker has no friends, but he's so engaging that Maxie invites him over for dinner. The next day he moves on-and is later found dead in his motel room. What looks like a simple suicide quickly grows more complicated when ...

Published: Sep 2010
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