Fatal Tide by Iris Johansen Paperback Book


Rent Fatal Tide

Author: Iris Johansen

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Publisher: Bantam Books

Published: Aug 2004

Genre: Fiction - Suspense

Retail Price: $7.99

Pages: 338


Melis Menid lives an idyllic life on a tropical island, with her two pet dolphins for company. IIt's idyllic, that is, until an arms dealer becomes determined to ferret out a secret known only to Melis's foster father--a secret that could unleash radical mass destruction. Not only Melis but her beloved dolphins are threatened, until ex-SEAL Jed Kelby happens on the scene.

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BookLender review by Kasia S. on 2007-10-08 09:12:48

I have just finished reading Fatal Tide and I still can't get over how much I loved it. My first thought wile reading the last sentence was 'Wow, what a good book!!' and I was sad in a way that it was over. I fell in love with the characters, I mean those are some juicy, meaty, live breathe and jump out of the page people; Jed Kelby, Nicholas, Melis Nemid and her beloved dolphins Pete and Suzie. They took some magical grip on my eye balls and still have me enchanted for the world I just read about. This was my first Johansen book, as I bought few more moths ago ( I'm like a hamster, I buy gazillions of books and then run my finger on the bookcase and stop at some delicious one and read whenever I please, but I always make sure I have tons and tons of unread books to choose from) and It didn't occur for me to read her earlier because I've seen some reviews that made her look like some romance novelist, and I do not read romance, but the cover and the story in the back really intrigued me, first to buy it, then to read it few weeks later. This was a story about a woman named Melis, who lived with her dolphins Pete and Suzie on her own Caribbean Island. She was a tough cookie, strong smart but not annoying, she was wonderful to read through and I felt real connection with the character because she was simply marvelous. There are flashbacks to her tortured past, as we learn that Melis is being stalked by a very violent, evil and deadly snake of a man; Archer. I think I had a nightmare with him in it, that's how real he was to me. He stops at nothing to get to Melis; she is the only one who knows where sunken city of Merinth lies lost in the Ocean, and only her and the dolphins can find it. With the help of Jeb Kelby, an ex SEAL she ventures out in an adventure to find the treasure, to deceive and for once get rid of Archer who is killing her friends and family and to free her soul of her black, tortured past. We find that Archer has some sick sadistic plans for her, and more of her past is revealed as he find ways to hurt her and those around him until they can beat the clock and stop him. I adored the relationship that build between Kelby and Melis, at one point in the end I was crying, I kid you not (I wont say if it was good or bad but the ending was insane!) but no spoilers here!! : ) I loved the ending, it was solid!!! I can't wait to read everything this woman wrote, because if she created Melis and Jeb then I wonder what other delicious and marvelous characters and stories she cooked up as well! The beginnings was a bit fast, with many characters introduced, but hang on in there, it's a very satisfying and succulent story!

BookLender review by Anna on 2009-07-01 19:06:35

I got half way through before I called it quits. I just didn't have a desire to pick up the book and begin reading again. When this happens, I just stop reading. I wasn't drawn into the story. And, the plot seemed a bit silly.