Hidden Healing Powers of Super & Whole Foods: Plant Based Diet Proven To Prevent & Reverse Disease by Cooknation Paperback Book


Rent Hidden Healing Powers of Super & Whole Foods: Plant Based Diet Proven To Prevent & Reverse Disease

Author: Cooknation

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Bell & MacKenzie Publishing

Published: Apr 2019

Genre: Cooking - Health & Healing

Pages: 98


Hidden Healing Powers of Super & Whole Foods
Plant Based Diet Proven To Prevent & Reverse Disease

The human body, by design, is built to survive It knows to regenerate cells, to remove toxins and with its inbuilt immune system, to fight disease and illness.While the advance of medical science continues to grow, no medical practitioner or scientist will ever disagree that preventative medicine should always be the first step to a healthier life. Unfortunately we all too often overlook the natural ways in which we can feed our bodies with healing properties.

While super and whole foods can help relieve the symptoms of many minor ailments such as headaches or skin irritations, they can also be instrumental in fighting some of the worlds biggest killers, such as diabetes and heart disease - both of which are highly influenced by diet.

Despite the proven rich health benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables, in our modern world of fast food and convenience their appeal remains low. In order to truly appreciate fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbs we must understand and appreciate them not just as '5-a-day necessities' but as powerful, healing, disease-preventing miracles that come from the earth, are inexpensive and readily available to all of us and easy to include in our diet every day. By changing the way we perceive plant-based foods and their hidden healing powers they suddenly no longer become a bore, a chore or something that should be eaten, when in reality we'd rather eat something else. Instead we see them a in a new light. A light which shines brightly on the long list of health benefits that could help us manage problematic ailments, low moods and stave off life- threatening diseases.

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