How to Look Like a Dancer (Without Being One) by Alida Belair Paperback Book


Rent How to Look Like a Dancer (Without Being One)

Author: Alida Belair

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Scb Distributors

Published: Dec 2005

Genre: Health & Fitness - Exercise

Retail Price: $13.95

Pages: 160


A workout for the would-be dancer in all of us, by a prima ballerina. This unique workout is a fusion of classical dance, cardio and traditional Pilates and yoga exercises. Regardless of age, gender, shape and size, anyone can follow this easy workout designed to promote core strength, slim thighs, strong arms, a toned waistline, perfect posture, physical confidence and a dancer's grace and poise. Life magazine once put Rudolph Nureyev on its cover and asked, 'Is this the world's greatest athlete?' A recent study conducted in the US across 61 sports, assessing strength, speed and agility, concluded that classically-trained dancers were the very best athletic all-rounders. This is a book for the rest of us who have not been blessed with the perfect proportions and talent of a dancer.

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