Joy's Life Diet: Four Steps to Thin Forever by Joy Bauer Paperback Book


Rent Joy's Life Diet: Four Steps to Thin Forever

Author: Joy Bauer

Narrator: Tbd

Format: Unabridged-CD

Publisher: HarperAudio

Published: Jan 2009

Genre: Health & Fitness - Diets - Weight Loss

Retail Price: $22.99


Millions tune into Today for Joy's Fit Club, a celebration of ordinary people who have lost at least 100 pounds each through diet and exercise alone. Thousands of inspired viewers have written to Joy and declared, 'I am ready to lose the weight. Can you help me?'

Joy's LIFE Diet is her answer to all those viewers. L.I.F.E. stands for Look Incredible, Feel Extraordinary, so not only will you shed pounds, but you'll wake up each morning feeling more energized and more enthusiastic. The secret is in following these four steps:

1. Release: A single intensive week that focuses on stripping away negative eating habits.
2. Relearn: Two weeks when you reprogram your appetite and discover the joys of healthy eating.
3. Reshape: An easy-to-follow eating plan that can be integrated into any diet and lasts until you reach your goal weight.
4. Reveal: Designed to help you find your maintenance groove. IIt's time to celebrate your weight-loss success! Welcome to your LIFEstyle!

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