More Words That Sell by Richard Bayan Paperback Book


Rent More Words That Sell

Author: Richard Bayan

Format: Paperback

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Published: Jun 2003

Genre: Business & Economics - Advertising & Promotion

Retail Price: $20.00

Pages: 144


A companion to the bestselling Words that Sell, the next definitive advertising word-and phase book

More Words That Sell is packed with 3,500high-powered, idea-generating words, phrases, and slogans, arranged by category and purpose (example categories include Power Words, Sounds, Technology, Youth Market, and dozens more). Containing checklists and other helpful features like its bestselling predecessor Words That Sell--but with literally no overlapping words--it will be valuable for devotees of that classic book and new fans.

With all words reflecting current use in advertising and media, and sections covering internet marketing and advertising, More Words That Sell will be a must-have word and-phrase reference for writers of all types.

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