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More Words That Sell

Richard Bayan

A companion to the bestselling Words that Sell, the next definitive advertising word-and phase bookMore Words That Sell is packed with 3,500high-powered, idea-generating words, phrases, and slogans, arranged by category and purpose (e...

Published: Jun 2003

Brand Currency: A Former Amazon Exec ...

Steve Susi

Last year's speed is now quaint. Business today moves at a pace so unforgiving it's easy to find yourself holding your breath, wondering if your company will be the next to fold. And then there's Amazon. While others struggle to innov...

Published: Apr 2019

The Google AdWords Survival Guide: Ho...

MR Steven Michael Teneriello

Hundreds of companies in your local area, including yours, are competing for pivotal exposure on search engines like Google, but only a select few are playing the pay-per-click game correctly. Google AdWords is the epitome of sink-or-...

Published: Jan 2015
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