Pathologist on Call by Harry Chinchinian Paperback Book


Rent Pathologist on Call

Author: Harry Chinchinian

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Plum Tree Press

Published: May 2002

Genre: Fiction - Mystery & Detective - Series

Pages: 256


Mystery / Pathology / Forensic Medicine. P"Help me! Please, someone help me!" PNo one, but the killer, was there for Sarah. PBuck crouched and rolled out of the way as his horse made a screaming sound of terror, tumbling, crashing, bouncing over the rocky cliff. Then with one heavy blow, the rancher blacked out. Someone carefully walked away, leaving Buck to die. PFind the evidence, piece by piece--at the scene, in the lab, with the autopsy, and on the mule trails--as "accidental deaths" turn into homicides. Dr. Hank Whipple is back again in another pathology mystery from author Harry Chinchinian, M.D. PDr. Whipple is just doing his job as Pathologist On Call unravels another mystery before the reader's eyes in the midst of family and friends. PAlong with the intrigue of investigating death, the second book of the Pathology Mystery Series reveals hospital politics and highlights endurance horse racing. The doctor/author drew over 30 illustrations, including the cover, to accompany his drama.

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