Patient Activation: 4 Steps Proven to Move Health Care Consumers From Awareness to Action by Mark Stinson Paperback Book


Rent Patient Activation: 4 Steps Proven to Move Health Care Consumers From Awareness to Action

Author: Mark Stinson

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Published: Jul 2019

Genre: Business & Economics - Marketing

Pages: 188


In this book, you'll learn the definitions behind the 4-point process of PATIENT ACTIVATION. It will also share how 83bar clients (as well as other leading health care organizations) successfully use the model in a wide range of different initiatives. Along the way, you will gain specific techniques for applying the PATIENT ACTIVATION in your own efforts. The concept of patient activation has gained credence among clinicians, academics and think-tanks worldwide. So, it is a widely accepted phrase that is certainly not owned by any one company. However, 83bar recognized that the term may be only conceptual without a framework for implementation and replication. That's why the idea of activating patients needed to move beyond simply helping people overcome inaction or lack of resources. In this book, PATIENT ACTIVATION will refer to a fully integrated system to move from awareness to action. It includes a step-wise process supported by a set of customized software and proprietary tools. This system and four-point model was designed to standardize and automate most of the key functions involved. Of course, the authors are very proud of what has been created and enhanced over many years of development. But it's not their intention to simply sell an offering. Rather, it is to reveal the principles and philosophies that are the foundation of the approach. In this way, you can learn the approach and find ways to implement it in your own situation.

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