Sexcapades by Honeyb Paperback Book


Rent Sexcapades

Author: Honeyb

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Published: Feb 2009

Genre: Fiction - Erotica - General

Retail Price: $13.99

Pages: 304


Nick and Natalie are two lovers whose sexual lives are more than above average. But their secret relationship is put to the test when they both end up competing for the same CEO position in the firm that they work for.

Justin Flint has the power to persuade the Board of Directors. He is bisexual and attracted to both Nick and Natalie, but he doesn't know that they are lovers. He decides to give them the task of creating a business plan for the new branch of the company opening up in Paris. Whoever does the best job will get the promotion.

But as the deadline approaches, tension and their aggressive competitive personalities cause a rift in their relationship. Will their need for the promotion ruin their relationship forever?

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