Stormy Weather (Skink) by Carl Hiaasen Paperback Book


Rent Stormy Weather (Skink)

Author: Carl Hiaasen

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

Published: Mar 2021

Genre: Fiction - Mystery & Detective - Amateur Sleuth

Retail Price: $18.00

Pages: 416


"Hysterically funny. . . . Hiaasen at his satirical best." —USA Today When a ferocious hurricane rips through southern Florida, con artists and carpetbaggers waste no time in swarming over the disaster area. Among them are insurance fraudsters, amateur occultists, and ex-cons on the loose. And caught in the middle are Max and Bonnie Lamb, honeymooners who abandon their Disney World plans to witness the terrible devastation. But when Max vanishes, Bonnie, aided by a mysterious young man with a tranquilizer gun and a roomful of human skulls, has to follow her only clue: a runaway monkey. The path of this motley crew will be forever changed by a crazed and determined man who has devoted his very strange existence to saving Florida from the kinds of people blown in by the hurricane. The hilarious and scathing muckraking tradition that Carl Hiaasen has so mercilessly made his own continues in Stormy Weather, where there is no calm eye.

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