Streets of New York Volume 2 by Erick S. Gray Paperback Book


Rent Streets of New York Volume 2

Author: Erick S. Gray

Format: Quality Paperback, Paperback

Publisher: Augustus Publishing, Inc.

Published: May 2009

Genre: Fiction - Urban Life

Retail Price: $14.95

Pages: 265


The first installment in this exciting series followed Promise, Squeeze, and Show as they robbed, whored, and fought their way to adulthood on the mean streets of Brooklyn. Now, it's a year later. Promise is trying to get out of the gangsta life, but the streets have a powerful call. Squeeze and Show are making out like bandits with their hot new nightclub, the Brooklyn Cafe. Grindin' in the streets is no longer an option, but trouble still follows the pair like heat on a sunny day. Staying cool with the cops and the city requires flexing a lot of street muscle, and they've got too much invested to not use every weapon in their arsenal. Envious of their success, Promise returns to claim what he believes he's owed, causing a rift within the gang — a rift so wide that it sets off a war, leaving the participants reeling with deadly losses.

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BookLender review by Berta on 2012-02-07 17:26:00

Good read you must read vol 1 to understand the history and characters. A lot of action raw violence all three volumes were good you will not be disappointed.