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California Connection 2


Jewel used to be content with being a ride or die chick, playing Bonnie while the men in her life played Clyde. But now she realizes that it was her connections and street smarts that helped her man, Calico, rise to the top, and Jewel...

Published: Dec 2009

Never Be The Same

Silk White

Meet Paige, a famous actress whose career is on the come up. Things couldn't be better, until her front door is kicked in by the police. After being forced to snitch on her fiancé or go to jail, Paige makes a decision that is sure ...

Published: Jun 2012

Streets of New York Volume 2

Erick S. Gray

The first installment in this exciting series followed Promise, Squeeze, and Show as they robbed, whored, and fought their way to adulthood on the mean streets of Brooklyn. Now, it's a year later. Promise is trying to get out of the g...

Published: May 2009

The Bitch is Back

Deja King

Precious Cummings is more ruthless than ever in Part 3 of the Bitch series. In The Bitch Is Back, Precious is relishing in every hood queen s dream life. She has her king, Supreme, and her princess, their daughter Aaliyah. With an...

Published: Apr 2008

Around the Way Girls 5


A collection of stories about street-smart women in the borough of Brooklyn includes "So Seductive," "Pound Cake," and "Keepin' It in the Family," in which the three Collins sisters--Diamond, Essence, and...

Published: Jun 2008

Playing Dirty

Kiki Swinson

Essence® bestselling author Kiki Swinson keeps it coming with a gritty, new drama about one cunning sistah playing a very dangerous game with the law. Playing dirty is a skill that Yoshi Lomax has perfected. By bribing cops and...

Published: Apr 2009

California Connection (Urban Books)


Jewel is young and beautiful, and with several hustles under her belt, she's all about making money. This doesn't leave much time for friends, but she'll always make time for Touch, the local hustler. He's been her friend since gramma...

Published: Dec 2008

10 Crack Commandments

Erica Hilton

One...two...three...Follow Lil Nut as he maneuvers through his hood in a quest to attain ghetto riches. In order to dodge all the usual pitfalls that come when hugging the block, Lil Nut assumes that he'll be all right as long as he f...

Published: Apr 2009

Still A Dog

Mark Anthony

Five years after swearing off the practices of infidelity that nearly ended his marriage and conceived an illegitimate child, Lance Thomas engages in what he believes is a more informed style of cheating that soon has him juggling his...

Published: Sep 2009

Sinderella: Tales of a Southside Stri...

K. C. Joseph

Sinderella: Tales of a Southside Stripper is a gripping look at life in the billion dollar Atlanta strip-club industry as seen through the eyes of one of it's very own. LaShonda Booker aka Sinderella is a veteran dancer in the Atlanta...

Published: Oct 2008



Terrell (A.K.A) Pharaoh a well known drug lord who runs the streets of Yonkers New York, is facing problems everywhere he turns. With people out to kill him and the police hot on his tracks Pharaoh's empire is soon to crumble. After...

Published: Jul 2010

Ride or Die Chick II (No. II)

J. Benjamin

After the dust settles, Teflon has some unfinished business to handle. But she's not riding alone as Treacherous' father, Richie Gunz is willing to risk everything and hang tight for the ride.The saga continues!

Published: Jul 2009

Executive Mistress

George S. Hudson

G&L Enterprises is the biggest marketing firm in the country. Each year thousands of intern applicants apply with the hope of securing a position with the illustrious firm. Out of a sea of applicants, Asia is bestowed the honor of rec...

Published: May 2011

Sunshine on Scotland Street: A 44 Sco...

Alexander McCall Smith

The eighth installment in Alexander McCall Smith's popular 44 Scotland Street series.      Scotland Street witnesses the wedding of the century of Angus Lordie to Domenica Macdonald, but as the newlyweds depart on their honeymoon...

Published: Aug 2014

A Pimp's Life

Treasure Hernandez

In the tradition of Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim comes A Pimp's Life, the story of the rise and fall of Mack Jones. He's at the top of his pimp game in Queens, New York, until he breaks one of the cardinal rules of Pimping 101 and f...

Published: Feb 2009


Terra Little

Killing her grandmother was a choice Helena Hunter made all by herself, but she wasn't thinking about the consequences of her actions when she pulled the trigger. Back home after eight years in prison, she finds that the little girl s...

Published: Mar 2011

And It Goes Like This...

G. Andi Rhos

Socially awkward Charlotte-Louise Andrews, fifteen and naive, is the only child of a single mother who puts booze before her daughter. Desperate for acceptance, Charlotte-Louise latches on to an unruly, street smart teen who guides he...

Published: Oct 2007


Mike Sanders

Meet Justice, a half-black, half-Filipino goddess whose appetite for a quick dollar is insatiable. Having moved from Chi-town to Charlotte, North Carolina, at an early age, Justice and her younger brother, Monk, decides to take the st...

Published: Mar 2009

Guard The Throne

Nisa Santiago

Control is the game. Money is the prize./b Curtis Byrne spent over two decades building a feared and respected monarchy in the drug game. When he's dethroned, he unknowingly passes down the family business to his three kids, Chris, Ca...

Published: Oct 2012

Murder Was the Case

Kiki Swinson

Brand new.

Published: Sep 2012

Project Chick II: What's Done in the ...

Nikki Turner

Tressa always thought that the best moment in her life was the day she gave birth to her twin boys, Khalil and Hadji, but even better was when she got the news that their abusive father, Lucky, was dead. His death gave the streets fre...

Published: Mar 2013

Killer Dolls

Nisa Santiago

Beautiful Menace (or Viral Violence) Half Japanese and half Jamaican, Aoki is young, beautiful, and known throughout her Brooklyn neighborhood as a menace to local authorities. On the eve of a brutal murder that hits close to home, Ao...

Published: Sep 2015

Murdergram - Part 2

Nisa Santiago

When the Predator Becomes the Prey They were best friends until the murders. Now with Cristal presumed dead, Tamar has plans to rise in the underworld as a hired gun. State to state, Tamar is fearlessly dishing out Murdergrams for a h...

Published: Jan 2016

Ericka Kane: Never Trust a Bitch with...

Kiki Swinson

Ericka Kane is in line to take over her rich father's estate. There's one problem, her mother. Ericka will fight her mother until one of them die to get his riches.

Published: Jul 2013

The Glamorous Life 2: All That Glitte...

Nikki Turner

From New York Times bestselling author Nikki Turner comes the long awaited sequel to Glamorous LifeCalliope learned at a very early age that if she wanted to survive in this world then she needed to stand on her own.  When she and h...

Published: Nov 2013

Thug Lovin

Wahida Clark

Tasha and Trae, the hood's favorite couple, are still together following the events of Thug Matrimony. Even with their relocation to sunny Los Angeles, the drama of New York cannot be escaped. From running a nightclub to dealing with ...

Published: Aug 2009

Flint: Book 2

Treasure Hernandez

Walk with Halleigh and Malek as they introduce you to a new struggle in a new city . . . a place called Flint, Michigan, one of the roughest little cities in America. IIt's a place where the good die young, loyalty is a rarity, and ev...

Published: Jun 2008

In Too Deep

Dwayne Joseph

The Lincoln brothers--Randy, who is dealing with baby momma drama Abe, who is cheating on his sick wife and Travis, who is being abused by his boyfriend--must find a way to put aside their differences and come together when tragedy st...

Published: Sep 2007

Queen Bee

Mark Anthony

Book by Anthony, Mark

Published: Nov 2008

The Diamond District

50 Cent

THE STREET LIFE OR THE STRAIGHT LIFE?D.J.'s got an Ivy League diploma, the sexiest girl in the city, and the five best friends a dude could want. What he doesn't have is cash. When his boy, Dre, steals some ice from a thug after a fig...

Published: Mar 2008
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