The Golden Hustla by Wahida Clark Paperback Book


Rent The Golden Hustla

Author: Wahida Clark

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Published: Oct 2010

Genre: Fiction - Urban Life

Retail Price: $21.99

Pages: 320


All of Georgia law enforcement is aware that WMM Advertising-also known as "We Make Millionaires"-is one of the biggest and hardest-to-penetrate fraudulent telemarketing firms in the state. But when a tape recording of a man's death surfaces that may involve WMM, Atlanta homicide detective Danny Houser realizes that he may actually have the smoking gun needed to go after the firm. All he needs is someone inside WMM to sniff out the company's secrets. Soon he sets his sights on Alexis Greenspan, aka Nina Coles, the telemarketer's top sales associate. Approaching retirement, Houser will do everything in his power to manipulate Coles and solve this one last matter who gets hurt in the process.

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