The Lighthouse Keeper: A Beckoning Death by Luisa Buehler Paperback Book


Rent The Lighthouse Keeper: A Beckoning Death

Author: Luisa Buehler

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Echelon Press Publishing

Published: Nov 2007

Genre: Fiction - Mystery & Detective - Series

Pages: 288


With a troubled marriage, and the haunting memories of ghosts, bones, and dead bodies, Grace Marsden needs solace. The invitation from her childhood friend presents Grace with an opportunity for respite on Christian Island.

Georgian Bay in the off-season provides a perfect venue for relaxation, until a fluke snowstorm shatters the serenity. Grace and nine other people find themselves trapped on the island and the prime suspects in the mysterious death of an island Elder.

An ancient Indian tragedy, island ghost sightings, and modern day treachery twist lives until more deaths and more danger make Grace unsure of whom she can trust.

When the spirit of the lighthouse keeper beckons to her. Is it to warn her or harm her?

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