The Plague Court Murders: A Sir Henry Merrivale Mystery (Sir Henry Merrivale Mysteries) by Otto Penzler Paperback Book


Rent The Plague Court Murders: A Sir Henry Merrivale Mystery (Sir Henry Merrivale Mysteries)

Author: Otto Penzler

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: American Mystery Classics

Published: Feb 2021

Genre: Fiction - Mystery & Detective - Traditional British

Retail Price: $15.95

Pages: 416


When a spiritual medium is murdered in a locked hut on a haunted estate, Sir Henry Merrivale seeks a logical solution to a ghostly crime\n\nPlague Court is old and crumbling, long neglected after its lord, hangman’s assistant Louis Playge, fell victim to the black death hundreds of years before. Famously haunted by Playge’s ghost, the property finally has a new owner and banishing the spirit is the first order of business. And when the medium employed with this task is found stabbed to death in a locked stone hut on the grounds, surrounded by an untouched circle of mud, the other guests at Plague Court have every reason to fear an act of supernatural violence—for who among them would be diabolical and calculating enough to orchestrate such an impossible execution?\n\nEnter Sir Henry Merrivale, an amateur sleuth of many talents with deductive powers strong enough to unspool even the most baffling crimes. But in the creepy, atmospheric setting of Plague Court, where every indication suggests intervention from the afterlife, he encounters a seemingly-illogical murder scene unlike anything he’s ever encountered before...\n\nReissued for the first time in thirty years, The Plague Court Murders is the first novel in the Sir Henry Merrivale series. Originally published under the name Carter Dickson, it is a masterful example of the “impossible crime” novel for which John Dickson Carr is known. 

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