The Truth Has Changed by Josh Fox Paperback Book


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Author: Josh Fox

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

Published: Sep 2018

Genre: Political Science - Public Policy - Environmental Policy

Retail Price: $16.95

Pages: 144


The Emmy Award–winning creator of GASLAND tells his intimate and damning, personal story of our world in crisis. With a foreword by Bill McKibben.

            The rules have changed.
            The water has changed.
            The climate has changed.
            The truth has changed.
            We must change.

In The Truth Has Changed, Josh Fox turns the rapid-fire shocks that are remaking the very fabric of our lives—writing as a first responder, a reporter, a documentarian, and an activist—into art, literature, and at least one answer to the question of what the future holds.

Our normal isn't normal anymore.

The paradigm shift that global warming represents parallels a paradigm shift in how we process truth. Both deeply affect democracy.

Josh Fox has had a front row seat—a first responder after 9/11, filming the Deepwater Horizon spill close up from the air and on the ground, a member of Bernie Sanders's delegation of the Democratic Platform Committee, risking his life to cross a bridge on Thanksgiving Day at Standing Rock, traveling the nation and the world, shooting his films, talking to people everywhere he goes.

The Truth Has Changed is his first book, the companion to his new one-man show of the same title, and it's beautiful.

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