The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion Paperback Book


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Author: Joan Didion

Format: Quality Paperback, Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Random House Inc

Published: Feb 2007

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Reference

Retail Price: $17.00

Pages: 240


In THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING, Joan Didion writes an account of her life since the 2003 death of her husband, John Gregory Dunne. Didion's grief was profound and debilitating; she and Dunne had been married for nearly 40 years, during which they were hardly ever apart. But in the course of her mourning period, she also gained crucial insights into herself, her marriage, death, and loss. Winner of the 2005 National Book Award for Nonfiction and named one of the 10 Best Books of 2005 by the New York Times.

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