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The Year of Magical Thinking

Joan Didion

In THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING, Joan Didion writes an account of her life since the 2003 death of her husband, John Gregory Dunne. Didion's grief was profound and debilitating; she and Dunne had been married for nearly 40 years, duri...

Published: Feb 2007

A Man Without a Country

Kurt Vonnegut

In a collection of concise autobiographical essays, the renowned novelist offers his views on his own life, from growing up during the Great Depression to his fame as a writer, as well as his reflections on art, politics, and everyday...

Published: Jan 2007

Genius and Heroin: The Illustrated Ca...

Michael Largo

What is the price of brilliance? Why are so many creative geniuses also ruinously self-destructive? From Caravaggio to Jackson Pollack, from Arthur Rimbaud to Jack Kerouac, from Charlie Parker to Janis Joplin, to Kurt Cobain, and on a...

Published: Oct 2008

A Strong West Wind: A Memoir

Gail Caldwell

A memoir by the Pulitzer Prize-winning critic for The Boston Globe offers an evocative portrait of growing up in the Texas Panhandle during the 1950s and the rebellious 1960s, describing her introspective childhood, voracious love of ...

Published: Jan 2007

Reach: Black Men on Living, Learning,...

Benjamin Jealous

In this timely and important collection of personal essays, black men from all walks of life share their inspiring stories and ultimately how each, in his own way, became a source of hope for his community and country.Reach includes f...

Published: Feb 2015

Victory: Stories From the Winners' Ci...

Jenae Noonan

Victory: An empowering collaboration with women who share their intimate and life altering stories. The remarkable contributing authors: Andrea Leal, Amy Pond Cirelli, Deborah Moore, Christine Sanchez, Saundra Ganem, Ashley Casello, ...

Published: Sep 2015

Life Stories: Profiles from The New Y...

David Remnick

One of art's purest challenges is to translate a human being into words. The New Yorker has met this challenge more successfully and more originally than any other modern American journal. It has indelibly shaped the genre known as th...

Published: May 2001

A World of Ideas : The Dictionary of ...

Chris Rohmann

THE THINKERS, THE THOUGHTS, AND THE THEORIES YOU NEED TO KNOW TO UNDERSTAND THE WORLD WE LIVE IN.With A World of Ideas, you can get to the bottom of the big bang theory; find out where Freud's ideas were coming from, and where Einstei...

Published: Oct 2000

Space Between the Stars: My Journey t...

Deborah Santana

Deborah Santana is best known for her marriage to music icon Carlos Santana–a thirty-year bond that endures to this day. But as a girl growing up in San Francisco in the 1960s, daughter of a white mother and a black father–...

Published: Apr 2006
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