Violet Eyes by John Everson Paperback Book


Rent Violet Eyes

Author: John Everson

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Published: Oct 2013

Genre: Fiction - Horror - General

Retail Price: $16.00

Pages: 280


Their bites are more than deadly...
The small town near the Everglades was supposed to offer Rachel and her son a fresh start. Instead it offered the start of a nightmare, when an unknown breed of flies migrated through the area, leaving painful bites in their wake. The media warned people to stay inside until the swarm passed. But the flies didn't leave. And then the radios and TVs went silent.

That's when the spiders came. Spiders that could spin a deadly web large enough to engulf an entire house overnight. Spiders that left stripped bones behind as they multiplied. Spiders that, like the flies, sought hungrily for tender flesh... through Violet Eyes.

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