Is It Really “A Long Way Down”?, By Nick Hornby

by Emily Roberts on June 21, 2014

A Long Way Down jacket coverThis book, written by United Kingdom’s Nick Hornby, is a 2005 dark comedy about suicide, depression, and promiscuity. When the four main characters meet on top of a building (as strangers) on New Year’s Eve, they each have the intent of committing suicide. They are varied in age, gender, and career, but end up sharing with each other their individual stories and why they came there on that night. They stay connected through various episodes of individual chaos, and each time they meet back on the roof, they keep postponing the planned suicides.

The novel has been adapted to film. Johnny Depp bought the rights to the book before it was published, and hired a screenwriter, but Hornby awarded the rights to his partner, Amanda Posey. The cast includes Pierce Bosnian, Imogen Poots, Toni Collette, Aaron Paul, and Sam Neill.

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