About Booksfree

Booksfree is basically the Netflix of books and audiobooks. They allow members to rent unlimited paperback, CD, or MP3-CD audiobooks for a flat monthly fee. Orders are ship with a pre-paid return mailer and there are never any late fees or due dates.

Members create a list of titles they wish to rent and Booksfree automatically starts shipping them based on the number of titles their membership level allows them to have checked-out at any given time.

When Booksfree receives a members returned books they automatically ship the next available book or books off their list. The member can keep each title as long as they want. The catch is, they will not get more books off their list until they return the ones they currently have checked out.

When you consider that the average Booksfree member saves about 80% by renting the books or audiobooks, their service if hard to beat. Not to mention they are delivered right to your door-step and there are tens of thousands of titles to choose from.

For more information visit www.booksfree.com