Dividing Societ Into Personality Types…Divergent, by Veronica Roth

by Emily Roberts on February 28, 2014

Divergent jacket coverThe novel, the first in the Divergent Trilogy takes place in a futuristic Chicago. The citizens are divided into five factions: Candor…..the honest; Abnegation…..the selfless; Dauntless…..the brave; Amity…..
the peaceful; and Erudite…..the intelligent. All sixteen year olds must decide which faction best defines them. They will spend the rest of their lives as part of that faction. Central character, Beatrice, has a conflict in wanting to stay with her family and choosing a faction…..she cannot have both. She goes through a name change, having a boyfriend she is not sure she can trust, physical and mental trials, and she still has her secret. If discovered, it could possibly mean her death.
Comparisons have been made to other novels such as The Hunger Games. Divergent is similar but with the theme of dividing society into personality types. The final novels of the trilogy are “Insurgents” and “Allegient”.
The movie “Divergent” will be released in March 2014 with a top notch cast, including Kate Winslet.
Follow Tris (Beatrice)as she learns she has been labeled a Divergent and her life is at risk for it.

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