Summary of Posts: May 12th 2013

by Emily Roberts on May 12, 2013

In this cycle, we take a look at some new book titles that are worth our time and attention. From feline literature to fictional work about global issues to popular series transformed into the theatrical media, these are the topics we’ve lined up for you:

  • Ever heard (or perhaps seen) “Potted Potter”? It’s the theatrical play based on ALL seven Harry Potter books. How they manage to portray all seven books in seventy minutes is just a work of magic.
  • It might not be the Year of the Cat technically, but with all these books being launched about cats and how much people love them, I’d like to think otherwise.
  • The Science Museum in London will be releasing – for free to the public – a novel of fiction about climate change written by no other than Tony White.
  • Sometimes we get caught up with all the devices and gadgets that we have that we forget the simplicity and sheer joy that we can get from reading books.
  • Here’s one nonprofit to support: Bikers for Books – a group of riders that advocates the importance of reading books to Charlotte students and children.
  • Finally, we talk about how it is important to deliver the message effectively through the right forms of media. Books, without question, are one of the best ways to communicate our ideas and thoughts.

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