Summary of Posts: May 5th 2013

by Emily Roberts on May 5, 2013

For this cycle of BooksFree we discussed everything from books headed for the big screen in 2013 to JK Rowling’s Pottermore website. What do you think of this cycles topics?

  • Quite a few books are headed to the big screen in 2013. To get a heads-up on a few of them see Erin Collazo Millers article for
  • Mysteries have always been a part of the popular fiction genre and are now making their way onto the ebook scene. For the statistics read here.
  • Stephen King and his son, Owen will be attending a writers festival together to promote their new books. For more information on the event, and the authors, read Shawn S. Lealo’s article for
  • Horror has been around since the beginning of time and we all have our favorite series. Dana Fredsti gives us her favorites list. What authors would you like to add?
  • Pottermore while being a great source for all things Potter is said to be hurting publishers and scaring new authors. To read more about the subject go to Adrian Hun’s article for The Telegraph.
  • Finally, we discussed just what Pottermore is and the reaction it’s getting from fans, publishers, and authors alike. What are your thoughts on JK Rowling’s website?

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